Advanced Footcare for the 21st Century

TrueContour® Therapeutic Insoles (U.S. Patent No. 7,206,718)

The DIApedia footwear system has been developed as a result of major scientific advances by DIApedia engineers in the field of foot biomechanics.

DIApedia has recently concluded a randomized controlled blinded clinical trial to test the clinical efficacy of TrueContour® insoles in preventing foot ulcer recurrence in patients with previous and now healed plantar neuropathic foot ulcers. In this study we compared the effect of two types of insoles, those currently on the market with purported efficacy, and the individually customized plantar pressure-based DIApedia TrueContour® product. The results are reported in a paper published in Diabetes Care:

Prevention of Recurrent Foot Ulcers With Plantar Pressure-Based In-Shoe Orthoses: The CareFUL Prevention Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial.


A user-friendly measurement system in the doctor’s office sends data over the Internet to a DIApedia fabrication center where proprietary computer software designs and manufactures a custom insole.

We have successfully combined measurement of three dimensional foot shape with the measurement of pressure underneath the foot during walking to produce custom computer designed and manufactured insoles that have been shown* to dramatically reduce pressure under the foot compared to other prescriptions.

*Owings TM, Woerner JL, Frampton JD, Cavanagh PR, Botek G. Custom therapeutic insoles based on both foot shape and plantar pressure measurement provide enhanced pressure relief. Diabetes Care 2008;31:839–844.