About DIApedia

Advanced Footcare for the 21st Century

  • DIApedia is a limited liability company located in State College, Pennsylvania, USA.
  • DIApedia’s primary goal is to provide innovative evidence-based products that will help reduce the burden of diabetic foot disease and other foot disorders.
  • Funded by a series of Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and U.S. Department of Defense (U.S. Army), DIApedia has developed an innovative method for the production of therapeutic insoles based upon the shape and plantar pressure distribution of the foot.  The TrueContour® diabetic insoles have been validated in an NIH-sponsored clinical trial.
  • DIApedia is conducting research to extend its patented, shape and pressure-based orthotic design technology to the prevention and treatment of other foot ailments with funding from one Army SBIR and an NIH SBIR. The Army project is aimed at preventing over-use injuries in soldiers using innovative new orthoses. Expanding the capability of TrueContour® insoles to reducing foot pain due to rheumatoid arthritis and plantar fasciitis is the goal of the NIH project.